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I don't know how to sew.  Can I still make a wallet?

Yes, this is a perfect first project for you.  Check out the assembly instructions, especially the part about stitching technique.  Your wallet will look awesome as long as you give a little attention to detail.

I had another leather color in mind.  Can I order custom colors?

Email us and we can talk about it. 

I don't like to make things.  Will you make it for me?

Um, no.  This a DIY kit.  DIY!

I live in Djibouti.  Can you ship to me?

Sorry, for now, we are only shipping inside the US.

Are you going to have any more designs in the future?

Why yes we are.  Check back again soon.

Where do you get those tiny pens?

Ohto Petit-B Needle-Point Ballpoint Pens (3.1") are available from many sources on the internet.  "Teenie weenie pens (2.5") are available at the

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